PMS + Channel Manager
Web design (optional)
Training packs (optional)
per month
up to 5 properties
per month
up to 10 properties
per month
up to 20 properties
per month
up to 50 properties
per month
up to 100 properties
per month
up to 200 properties
per month
up to 400 properties
Flat fee: no entry, no commissions, no channel fee, no booking fee and without permanence.
Booking engine button for your website.
  • You can also use our WebServices to import all the data from the properties, aswell as prices and availability to your website.
  • Or ask us about our personalized iframe, to display the full catalogue and availability search on your website.
Template website
  • Choose among multiple variations of our classic and modern templates.
  • Customization of the styles included in the price.
  • We will edit your logo to achieve a perfect fit with the website.
  • Integrated with our PMS.
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Customized website
  • All features from our templates included, and more.
  • Allows owners' extranet.
  • 2 weeks of technical support.
  • 2h one-to-one videocall tutorials.
  • Ideal for advanced users with prior experience with other property management systems.
  • 1 month unlimited technical support.
  • 4 sessions one-to-one videocall tutorials.
  • For users with prior experience with other property management systems.
  • 2 months unlimited technical support.
  • 6 sessions one-to-one videocall tutorials.
  • Users with little experience with other softwares, or for small groups.

Tailored PMS mastering course for agencies with large teams.

*While tutorial packs are not compulsory, all of them have been deviced based on our experience with other agencies,
letting you master our software with minimum time dedication in order for you to get the most out of it.
PMS Channel Manager Web design
Booking management +150 connected agencies Responsive web design
Rate definition 0% commisions +10 languages, multi currency: $,€,£
Price settings No minimum permanence Photograph, picture slide or background video
Discounts Direct iCal connection Featured apartments widget
Supplements Price and availability updates  Search filters and sorting criteria
Reviews Inventory import Rating, reviews and social networks
Invoicing Booking reception Blog, news, activities and offers sections
Cashflow Prices per channel or property Touristic, monthly rentals and sale
Owner access Rate closing per channel Secure online payment


PMS Essentials

The best product for your agency for only 50€ per month.

We offer you our channel manager's full potential, with unlimited channels at 0 cost, and the most important of the manager's features so you can grow calmly and without extra costs.

  • Reservations management
  • Rates and prices
  • Discounts, supplements, reviews
  • +100 available channels
  • 0% commission
  • Fixed monthly fee

Do you have any questions?

No, there's no installation fee. However, we do strongly recommend hiring an individualized training package. Our PMS specialists will give you tutorials specifically designed to teach you how to harness our software's full potential. Packages will also give you the peace of mind of not having to pay any extra cost for customer service, as it includes unlimited service for 2-6 months depending on the package, the time you need to fully master the software.

No, we don't charge commissions or fees of any kind. Our rates are limited to a fixed amount per month, making our prices the most competitive ones in the market.
For example, let's assume there's a € 0.48 charge per booking. An agency managing 100 apartments, with an average occupancy of 200 nights per apartment per year:

100 apartments x 200 nights x 0.48 € = 9600€/year = 800€/month

With Icnea this agency would only pay 300 € per month, all included.

It'll be sad to see you leave, but we won't stop you, and it won't cost you one extra penny. None of our products have a minimum permanence of any kind, because we're positive you'll love them all.

Yes, you can. Reach our sales team using the contact form to learn the details.