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Reservation reception, communication via email with customers, administrative management, invoicing and owner statements; a single software integrates everything with the channel manager and your website.

Reservation management
Comprehensive reservations monitoring; listings and filters based on the reservation status: requested, outstanding, pre-paid, confirmed, remembered, input, output, cleaned, or completed.
For each apartment, you can choose online bookings to be confirmed automatically, or on-request, requiring your approval before sending the confirmation.
Change the completed check in's status with the entries list. The cleaning staff can manage their work with a personalized panel, and with the outputs list you'll be able to organize maintenance.
Forget about paper! Our system allows you to use tablets to manage check-ins so your customers sign directly on the screen; their signature will be embedded on the contract on a PDF format.
Send an email to your client with a single click, reminding them about their reservation and thanking them after their stay.
List of all emails sent to customers, aswell as all of the past reservations made by the customer.
Rates and prices
Create different rates based on the number of people, date, month or day of the week. You can also define personalized seasons to be able to enter prices efficiently.
If you want to rent out your apartment per month, the system allows you to enter monthly rental rates with the prices you choose for each month of the year.
States a minimum number of nights per booking, which varies depending on the initial date. You can also set different prices per night depending on length of stay.
If you want to rent out your apartment for weeks it's possible: you only have to block entrances for days in which you don't want entrances.
This feature will allow you to close a single rate or multiple channels you want and for the dates you choose.
It allows you to increase or decrease the prices of each apartment or group of apartments depending on the sales channel and day of the year.
Discounts, add-ons, reviews
Define day discounts, as well as 'last-minute' discounts for bookings made a few days before arrival; you choose how many in advance are need to apply the discount.
Discount applies to bookings made more than X days in advance; you choose the X value. You can also define discounts for long stay bookings.
Send your customers promotional codes that will allow them to get a discount if they book a stay within the range of dates that you define during the promotion's validity period.
Your customers may acquire these when booking. You can offer free supplements such as a baby's crib, or for payments such as parking lot, towels, welcome pack, etc.
With the packs you'll be able to offer your customers special stays for any date you choose; with activities included in the package, a bottle of champagne for Valentine's Day, etc.
Approve, delete or add the opinions your customers have entered through the website or the link attached to the thank you email.
Active owners have the same privileges as passive owners, and also have access to the calendar's date blocking. Additionally, you can also give them access to price modification.
It allows the owners to view the booking calendar. Additionally, they can also gain access to reservation details.
List of pending settlements they that allows you to manage owner's liquidation with a maximum efficiency.
Our websites offer the ability to implement an owners extranet where they can register their apartments and manage their schedule, fees, prices and reservations.
Defines charges for each owner and property, which can be unique, per booking, per day, month or year; automatically billed at settlement.
Efficient price introduction per owner, based on apartment, per day or month of the year or season.
Billing and treasury
Generates different invoices for each booking; invoices the stay, extra charges, rates, in a single invoice or multiple invoices.
Detailed list of all outstanding payments for each client, based on entry and exit date, establishment or origin of the reservation.
List of all payments received from each client discriminating method of payment (cash, bank transfer, credit card or Paypal).
List of agency bills that charge the traveler's stay and sends the email with the invoices automatically.
Export in .csv and .pdf format of the invoice, payments and advances listings.
Check all invoices, payments and advances by date, owner, payment format or customer or invoice number.
Furthermore ...
Acquiring a portable passport and ID card reader of the 3M™ CR100 kind will allow you to import the traveler's information into the system in record time.
Check the newsletter directory, manage the emails registry, create new newsletters and send them to their corresponding contact groups.
In addition to cleaning and maintenance users you can also create different types of users: Master, manager, owners, reservations manager,...
Offer your customers activities during their stay. Defines rates and prices per day, manages availability, suppliers, reminder emails and treasury.
Closely monitors your business's profitability through various summary tables and reservation graphs per accommodation, area, owner, agency, country, among others.