New tool to import passport data

24 June 2017

New tool to import passport data

We developed a new software to integrate the 3M CR100 device with our PMS to import data from IDs and passports in a fast and comfortable way.

I am sure we all agree over the fact that rush is overwhelming when we finally reach our final destination after a long day of travel. We only wish for the check in procedure to be as quick and smooth as possible so we can go to our room, start to relax and officially begin our well deserved holidays. These are the kind of details that make a difference to the guest's perception of quality and might even bring us a good review which is always positive.

On the other hand, also who does check-ins will benefit from this type of technology as it makes the task easier, faster and definitely diminishes probability of human mistakes which are quite common when dealing with numbers, dates and names.

Because of the above mentioned benefits and many more Icnea finalized the project to allow our channel manager to synchronize with the 3M passport reader! Check-ins are now as easy as they can be, inform yourself and get one as well!

At the moment the software only works with Windows devices, we are still under development to make it work with Android or Apple devices.

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