Check-in and cleaning app

Apps for external users of the software

Your external check-in, cleaning and maintenance users will be able to install the app on their mobile to have access to the specific functionalities of the PMS they need.

Checkin users

To comfortably check-in for reservations, you will have the list of entries and exits for the week.

You will be able to access the details of the reservation, with all the steps to complete to check-in:

  • Review of the client's personal data
  • Guest registration
  • Payment of the reservation
  • Signature of the contract

They will also see a global calendar with all the reservations and accommodations that they have to manage.

Cleaning users

They will see the weekly plan of all assigned cleanings.

Urgent cleaning (those that have a check-out and check-in on the same day) will be prominently displayed, with the essential information to perform them at the right time, such as check-in / out times.

They will also be able to see the typology of cleaning:

  • Final reservation cleaning
  • Maintenance cleaning, when a housing is empty for a long period of time
  • Extra cleaning during booking

In the file of each cleaning they will be able to indicate the beginning and the end, for a better management of the team's work.

They can also add photos or comments if they see damage, to directly create tasks for the maintenance team.

Maintenance users

Users will have a list of all the tasks assigned to the apartments that they have to manage.

In each incident file they will be able to see the detail of the problem to be solved, add photos and comments and finish the tasks.

They will also be able to see if it has to be managed during a stay or if the apartment is empty.

Check-in process in 3 steps

Viewing the steps

There are 4 options that have to be completed, with the green checkmarks you can easily see if information is missing.

Guest introduction

The system verifies the information in real time. Whether it is entered from here, or from the PMS or the guest app, the reservation will be updated.

Intuitive and easy

When all the steps are green, the button to finish the check-in will be enabled. In this way, errors are avoided and the reservation always has the updated status.

Other PMS services


Manage reservations in a single calendar, flexible prices with discounts, billing and settlements to owners, and much more.

Guest's app

The guest will be able to complete the online check-in before the day of entry, with the registration of all the guests, the signing of the contract and the payment.

New activities manager

New tool to create extra activities to offer to customers, whether they are guests or not. You can manage prices, sessions and reservations online.

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