App for owners

Keep your owners informed at all times

Maintaining a good relationship with the owners is essential to the business. With this app you can give them access to the information that interests you, easily and clearly, so that they always have everything they need to know at their fingertips.

Custom settings for each owner

Each owner is different and you can have different contracts with each of them. That is why it is essential that you can define permissions and custom settings for each one.

You can decide what you want them to see: from the most basic information, without access to the reservation price or guest information, to the possibility of modifying prices, in the event that you work with owners who also manage reservations.

You can not only define what they see, but also how to do the settlement. Our configurator has multiple variables to adapt to all forms of settlement, invoicing and management.
  • See customer address
  • See the customer's email
  • See the CIF
  • Veure l'origen de la reserva
  • See the origin of the reservation
  • See the reservation amounts
  • See the guests

Access to the owners app

The owners will have their app, where they can see the information with the permissions that you have configured for them.ç

  • Calendar of entries and exits, with the details of the reservation
  • List of settlements
  • List of invoices
  • Statistics of your properties

Keep them informed in real time of the operation of their properties to guarantee a good relationship with them.

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Manage reservations in a single calendar, flexible prices with discounts, billing and settlements to owners, and much more.

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