We have developed integrations with leading companies in the sector, which offer complementary tools to achieve the best solution for your management.

We are continuously improving our catalogue of integrations, and expanding our existing partnerships, to adapt at all times to the needs of our clients.

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In order to offer guests a complete non-face check-in, it is necessary to have an electronic lock system.

Either by application or with a numerical code, there are several solutions on the market that can be adapted to the needs of each one.

Icnea has synchronized with the best electronic locks on the market, because you can make the leap to check-in 100% online.

Cleaning services

We know how important the quality of apartment cleaning is to guests, especially in the new post-Covid normality.

If your company does not want to take over this management, there is the possibility of outsourcing the service.

We put at your disposal cleaning solutions fully integrated with our system, with information in real time. Much easier!

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Payment solutions

Managing reservation and deposit payments with security and confidence is a key piece of the business.

We have integrated the most professional payment systems on the market.

We have also developed recurring payment with Redsys and Stripe.

Accounting softwares

No more mistakes in introducing invoices, reservations or settlements, and the difficulties of your accounting team to find out why they are not balancing the accounts.

We offer the possibility of managing your company's accounting with different accounting programs, fully integrated with the Icnea PMS. With the peace of mind of knowing that all accounts will sync automatically.

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Dynamic pricing

Do you want to implement a revenue management strategy, with dynamic prices that adapt in real time to the needs of the market and your competitors?

Then use our integrations with dynamic pricing solutions, and revenue management systems (RMS), which, through the analysis of a large volume of market data, can predict and suggest the best prices for each type of property and scenario. Also activate your automated rate change if you wish.

Revenue Management

If you want to further professionalize the optimization of prices in your business, taking into account your objectives, then you need a team of data analysis professionals.

Revenue Management companies are made up of professionals who are perfectly familiar with the vacation rental market. Contact one of our collaborators to have the best recommendations to grow your business.

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