App for guests

Give control to the guest

You can give the guest access to the app, so that they can do the entire check-in process online before the day of entry. The guest will be able to review and complete the information easily and comfortably from home, and on the day of check-in the management will be faster, creating a better experience for the user. In addition, you will have access to the information at all times, in a transparent way.

All the necessary information

The guest will be able to access the information of their reservation and modify their personal data. You can check-in online to have everything ready before the day of entry. You will also have access to complementary information that you can edit and manage.
  • Summary of your reservation
  • Editable personal data
  • Guest registration: with digital signature, ID / passport photo and automatic scanner
  • Payment of the reservation and the deposit
  • Signature of the contract
  • Additional information editable by the manager: entry instructions, house rules, tourist information ...
  • Integrated chat system to communicate with the property manager or the owner, depending on the configuration of the latter

Other PMS services

New activities manager

New tool to create extra activities to offer to customers, whether they are guests or not. You can manage prices, sessions and reservations online.


Manage reservations in a single calendar, flexible prices with discounts, billing and settlements to owners, and much more.

Owner's app

Give access to your owner, so that he can see the information that you have defined. Help him have easy and direct access to the information he needs.

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