Revenue Management

Dynamic pricing

Our PMS includes multiple functions allowing you to maximize your income:

  • Rate closing, channel to channel, day to day.
  • Percent variation per property, channel or date.
  • Global view and easy settings.



Dynamic Pricing

Rate Monitoring

We also allow comparing your rates with your competitors':

  • Comparing chart of the next 100 days with your rates and your competitors'.
  • Dynamic chart allowing you to detect situations that require an action.

Rating Monitoring

One of the key factors on the booking process is the ratings provided by customers from different channels.

Supervising your properties' reputation is a task that can be simplified with our software, read all ratings received in real time anytime you want. Find out at a glance if something requires attention.


Occupation evolution

Every day has a different occupation chart. Knowing your optimal chart and comparing it to your competitors and your recent history allows you to take decisions such as adjusting prices or occupation with the sole objective of maximizing your income.