Dynamic pricing: the evolution of revenue management

16 March 2017

Dynamic pricing: the evolution of revenue management

Enjoy full customization of availability and prices differentiated for each channel you are linked to and maximize your income!

What really mark the difference are details, no matter who you are, seller or a buyer, small things are what can make you save money, make your product better than others or your service superior than the rest. Everyone differentiates and tries to adjust itself to adapt to the counterpart with no exception, not even the channels we use to sell our product. They actually morph depending if they talk to the final client or the producer (the vacation rental agency) for example.

Channels generally use different strategies depending on their target so if a knowledgeable vacation rental real estate agency already differentiates strategies depending on clients like channels why shouldn't it do the same for channels? We were brainstorming over how to enhance the possibility to personalize revenue strategies and realized we were only looking down to our final client without looking what take us to them, our channels!

Following this idea we created the dynamic pricing feature, a new function within our property management system integrated with channel manager that allows you to close an entire apartment or a specific rate to a particular channel. If customization of availability per channel is not a part of your strategy you might want to prioritize a channel by applying more competitive prices if these have lower commissions.

Our new revenue management feature is easy to use and quick to apply, try it and you will see it with your own eyes.

It's time to maximize your revenue further beyond, be your own best tool!

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