21 October 2016

Full connection with Airbnb

We are glad to announce the completition of the full integration between our Channel Manager and Airbnb. With this new XML connection we can synchronize property contents (descriptions, characteristics, photos) along with rates and prices.

Another important step has been made and we now have another big channel fully synchronized: Airbnb!

Airbnb is the one of the most important channels for vacation rental property managers which is a never stop growing market as confirmed by El País:


Spain: Vacation rentals offering more beds than hotels for the first time

"Vacation rentals have taken over the tourism market in Spain. In 2016, for the first time, there were more available beds in so-called “tourist apartments” than in hotels across Spain’s main cities, according to a study by Exceltur, the industry business association.

This analysis shows that the number of bed space available through short-term home rentals has nearly doubled from 2015, to reach 362,493 beds in Spain’s 22 biggest cities. This supply is 9.76% higher than what hotels had to offer.

The rise of short-term vacation rentals available through online operators has changed Spain’s tourism landscape. Between 2012 and 2016, supply skyrocketed by 1,633% in 22 cities that together represent 84.5% of all city tourism in the country."

El País 26 May, 2017


With such a green market we couldn't avoid developing a better, more advanced, synchronization with what is one of the most used channels. Until now only calendar and reservations were synchronized, now also prices and descriptions& photos are included in the transmitted package. 

All properties with their governmental license number (HUT or equivalent) will be able to connect with the new API.

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