New user made for franchises

09 December 2016

New user made for franchises

Create and differentiate PMS accounts for colleagues, external companies or franchises and property owners to give them access to different features and functions depending on their tasks.

A company has multiple reasons to create more than one access to their tools whether it is for a colleague, an employee or an external user that needs to partially or totally use our PMS channel manager. Tourist apartment agencies make no exception, on the contrary, it is tremendously useful as different figures may be involved: agency owner, employees, external companies and property owners.

Our product allows creation of multiple logins which can have access to one or more features. The Agency manager has the main login without any restriction but an additional user can be created for specific purposes such as for an external cleaning company so that they can see apartments that need to be cleaned and update the status in real time. This way the head office is aware of the status of the cleaning and have control over this topic. Another example may be an access to allow reception to do check ins and control maintenance and cleaning. Another important access that is often created is the one for property owners choosing whether they can only see the information, influence availability or be able to change availability and prices.

Team work is at the base of success, organization and task distribution among team members can help an agency avoid or diminish mistakes that later result in an economic or image damage. Any channel manager worth of its name cannot avoid offering such a function!

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