Cleaning feature developed!

07 September 2017

Cleaning feature developed!

Our PMS channel manager keeps evolving in synergy with our clients who always participate actively in our developments to achieve results that really do satisfy their needs under all aspects.

Cleaning department has never been so reliable and easy to manage!

Property management includes many tasks and one of them concern habitability of apartments and their absolute necessity to be tidy and neat. Nowadays products are all online and subject to reviews which have a significant weight on customer's final decision over which property to reserve. This aspect is as basic as it is difficult to keep under control, especially if an agency manages numerous apartments to be rented by tourists. Not to mention how risky it is not to have cleanings perfectly organized considering how negative an impact on sales would be after a bad review for hygiene.

To properly respond to this exigency we have been taking all aspects into consideration and reviewed it with our clients as we always do to make sure we didn't miss anything and, also, to investigate if there was any room for further improvements.

Our cleaning tool presents itself with a weekly overview showing basic information such as reservation number, apartment involved in the reservation and if there is any check out and check in within the same day. This main screen will also show any observation we included in the reservation and allows you to introduce a maintenance note in case of any damage or malfunction.

In alternative, the plan can be showed through a calendar which is useful not only to have an overview but also because it allows you to add new cleanings if necessary. Imagine a client reserves for 15 days or even a whole month, we might want to add a cleaning during the stay.

Finally, to allow a real time effective management all cleanings include statuses (pending, in progress, finalized) which can be updated directly by the cleaning company so that you are aware right away if an apartment is ready or not.

Icnea likes to turn problems and difficulties into something easy and practicable and thanks to our clients we have done it also with cleaning!

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