Tripadvisor Flipkey Connection Update

04 November 2018

Tripadvisor Flipkey Connection Update

In the next days ICNEA will launch an update for its Flipkey connection and make room for further improvements in the near future. Although our clients will not notice Flipkey and ICNEA are going to go live with a very interesting change.

To begin with, the upcoming update will allow new information to synchronize such as more amenities and more descriptions. A common Flipkey competitor already includes alternative texts and the fact that Flipkey is following hints a trend into a qualitative development of information for the final client. “Getting there”, “Describe the area” and “Describe the destination” are only the first texts that will shortly be available for agencies to include in their advertisements. Secondly, more amenities will be synchronized leaving agencies the possibility to keep differentiating from each other.

What is really interesting is what is going to come next, though, because ICNEA will soon follow with further developments to exploit the full potential of this latest update:

> Real time rates and availability connectivity
> Booking information importation

ICNEA will then design a system to retrieve reviews from Flipkey and export them to our websites. The result we wish to obtain is that our clients will gradually see their reviews grow in importance reaching a main role in their business. Next, we will work on all those inquiries our clients receive in Flipkey to add the possibility to import them into our PMS Channel Manager. This feature will allow our clients to be aware and send a new offer to turn a potentially lost client into a client if they wish.

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