The first trimester 2018

17 April 2018

The first trimester 2018

In this article we will go over all changes, modifications and updated applied in the last trimester.

One moment ago you were enjoying your vacations ready to give a big welcome to the new upcoming year and a moment later is April and the first trimester has already gone by. Time goes fast when you are having a good time they say, well, I guess we have been having a great time here in ICNEA because these first 3 months have literally flown.

Many things have been accomplished to enhance our PMS Channel Manager and improve its overall user experience and functionality. Let’s take a look at how we spent these first 3 months of the year:

PMS – We began with simple adjustments of our PMS to keep it up with the last developments of our Channel Manager. We wouldn’t want it to be left behind!

  • Photographs
    • Format – We added the possibility to insert an image also in the 16x9 format so you can now choose if you wish to introduce them in 4x3 or 16x9 format.
    • Number of Photographs - We were originally sending 24 photographs to those channels who receive this information but we thought these were a bit few so we extended them to 48.
  • Dynamic PMS – We realized our PMS could be improved for those clients who manage over 250 apartments so when our client begins to reach medium size or more the information will be organized in an alternative way.
  • The Booking Calendar will stop loading all the database by default and will only load what you are interested in seeing.
  • When entering Connection Setup some channels had to go through a preliminary check to allow you to connect. To make the system slimmer the preliminary check will now run only when you try to connect.
  • Room and Bathroom details – Our PMS will now allow our clients to characterize its bedrooms and bathrooms.
    • Bedrooms can now include bed type (double, queen, king etc), room size in square meters and the floor where is located if the property has more than one floor.
    • Bathrooms can be differentiated depending on what it is equipped with: jacuzzi, bidet, whirpool shower etc, and also in this case you can select the floor where it is located.
  • Verification of records – We further enhanced the verification of records, the useful tool we created for a manager to double check if any apartment is missing any information. The check is now more detailed and can be refreshed so that you can always run a new check.
  • Owner’s current account – Are you sure you can always remember if and how have you settled payment with the owner of the apartments you manage with all the work you have? We know, work is endless and overwhelming but we gotcha! We found another way to help you and added a new feature that keeps track of all payments you have made to all your owners. You now take literally 1 minute to see this information.

Channel Manager – We love to make things better and better and for this reason we never stop working on our Channel Manager. Steps forward have been done also in this sense:

  • Airbnb– Airbnb is the first channel to have a set of texts that describe further in detail each property: space, access, interaction, neighborhood, transit, house rules and notes. We asked ourselves why should these texts ever be left out and the answer could only be one. Next thing we were on it and applied the necessary modifications to allow you to edit and send these texts as well.
  • Booking – We finished development for the new synchronization with which will allow our clients to create and publish properties directly from our PMS Channel Manager just like with Airbnb, Flipkey and Homeaway. To know more about it check out our dedicated post:
  • Flipkey – Synchronization has also been improved and will continue improving. See in what way it was improved in our dedicated post:
  • Homeaway – The development phase is reaching its end and very soon we will offer an even more advanced connection with Homeaway as well but we will wait to say more, we don’t want to ruin the surprise!

Linkedin – Nowadays a company must have a Linkedin page not only to reflect professionality and trust to its clients and potential clients but to stay in touch with them. We want to reach all the professionals out there and this is yet another step in that direction. We will be posting news, interesting articles and our blog publications. Come check us out and follow us:

We hope you enjoy the modifications we have made to enhance the experience, the way to go is still long but we always go one way: forward! This year we began strong and we are working on many other projects to continue growing so stay tuned!

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