Icnea begins uploading video tutorials

29 May 2018

Icnea begins uploading video tutorials

Icnea is creating video tutorials for clients to comfortably learn all functions and have the possibility to review any topic any time they need.

Learning a such complete PMS as ours is not easy so we are uploading video tutorials and placing them in all the help buttons found in all the different screens a client may end up in. It is certain that most of the PMS are similar however do not be fooled, learning a new PMS always takes dedication, time and patience.

Until now trainings were done to each individual client while sharing our screen. This method had the advantage to move on following the client’s pace during the conference calls however, as it is also subject to availability of its technicians, its progression could not always be controlled and therefore becoming a flaw sometimes.

The new system we are trying to implement will allow our clients to watch the tutorials before having a single conference call to clear out any question or doubt and to receive feedback regarding the effectiveness of the tutorials. We are currently uploading video tutorials in English but we do not exclude loading videos also in other languages.

With this new system our clients will be able to review any topic any time they need, move on and progress at their own speed and actually see all necessary steps to finalize tasks. Learning cannot be any easier and any more comfortable!

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