The Second Trimester 2018

18 June 2018

The Second Trimester 2018

In this article we will go over all changes, modifications and updated applied in the second trimester 2018.

During the second trimester Icnea kept increasing its number of clients, training them, improving existing synchronizations and launching new ones while applying other small modifications to further improve our product.

There are quite a few new interesting features:


Video tutorials – To improve the training experience of our customers short videos of 1-2 minutes were recorded for each feature the PMS Channel Manager has. Videos are about 90 and will soon be translated also in other languages such as Italian, Spanish, Catalan and French. For the moment only English language is available.

Customizable automatic emails – In response to the many requests received Icnea now offers the possibility to create customized emails with the option to automatize them. The PMS Channel Manager already offered the option to automatize classic emails such as the one confirming the reservation, remembering to check in, requesting payments etc. Now a client can also create its own and automatize it.

Traveler’s Extranet – This is going to be a pleasant new for all clients. By the end of this summer Icnea will begin to include in its offer an extranet for travelers. The objective is to allow our clients to include this easy and professional tool for all of its guests. It will be much easier for travelers to check in and communicate. The extranet will also include a section dedicated to any information the property manager wants like, for example, suggest activities – bars and restaurants – for which they have a commercial agreement. Finally, the extranet can also include a chat system to make communication between the traveler and the property manager comfortable and instantaneous.

Payment with Homeaway – From now on clients can choose the payment method for the reservations coming from Homeaway. It is possible to select “credit card”, “bank transfer” or “both”. Furthermore it is also possible to set when to request first payment and when requesting the second also setting how much.

Note payments - To ease general management Icnea added a little system to register payments for channels and owners. It is now possible to register all amounts received and sent.


Apart from the technical modifications Icnea continues its path towards internationalization. During these last 3 months we progressively dedicated more time and energy to enter the Italian market. If, from one side, our Italian clients grow from the other we are exploring the possibility to participate in events to know and get known.

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