Minimum Stay: friend or foe

04 February 2019

Minimum Stay: friend or foe

Minimum Stay restrictions can be a powerful ally to try and control the demand but also a risk, that is why Icnea developed a control system to avoid losing potential reservations.

The strategy to apply minimum stay restrictions has been used from quite some time now but, if not kept under control, it may become a risk resulting in losing potential reservations.

You can try and control the demand, but this can never be totally controlled. How many times incoming reservations leave holes in the calendar which cannot be reserved because of the minimum stay?

Fortunately, as always, technology can help us minimize risks and therefore economic losses.

The solution Icnea offers is simple but effective at the same time: highlight those days which cannot be sold because are trapped by your own minimum stay restriction. This simple remedy can see property managers benefit with an increase that may reach up to 10% in recovered potential reservations that are frequently lost on the way.

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