Pricelabs: you can forget about pricing

18 February 2019

Pricelabs: you can forget about pricing

If competitors keep evolving so do the offered solutions by technology and its companies. Icnea is glad to announce the Integration with Pricelabs, one of the leader companies in revenue management for vacation rentals.

Introducing the perfect price in each property and in each day of the year has always been an absolute challenge for anyone. Variables change every instant so the best possible price in terms of profitability does as well. The result is that, without you even knowing, the prices you carefully selected to offer your properties are not in line with the market anymore.

To guarantee its clients that the price is as profitable as possible Icnea integrated Pricelabs. Thanks to their algorithms Pricelabs can calculate, and successively suggest, the ideal price in a matter of minutes.

Pricelabs takes in consideration different elements such as the entire market offer, its current available stock, the behavior of the demand and your competitors, the historical trend of the destination and a lot more. After the property manager sends the prices he believes to be the best, Pricelabs re-elaborates them and returns the best profitable price possible.

Revenue management is never going to give property managers head aches or consume their time in elaborating pricing strategies ever again.

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