Brief summary over the Icnea meetings tour

21 March 2019

Brief summary over the Icnea meetings tour

Icnea’s yearly Spanish tour, organized in collaboration with some of its main partners, to personally meet its clients has come to an end. Find out what happened in this post!

As every year, Icnea organized a tour around Spain to meet its clients and obtain feedback over how products adapt to everyone’s needs, if there any further margin for improvement and what other new tools or features can be added. On the other side, participants had the possibility to know more in detail what projects are about to be launched, assist presentations made by our partners and, finally, use the dedicated open discussion to make questions, share priorities and needs.

During these occasions Icnea presented the brand new tourist extranet that will now be included in the monthly quote. The presentation was a great opportunity for clients to cooperate actively to the project, and for Icnea to receive valuable feedback.

Another great new tool we were looking forward to introduce is the help center which will be launched soon. The Help Center is a new online platform that will allow clients to interact, in a way no other competitor does, with icnea. Property managers will be more involved and will be able to participate in Icnea’s development plan in the first place. Secondly, the tool will also become a valuable source of information to answer FAQs, find manuals etc. This wonderful new project will allow property managers to vote over various topics such as, for example, what new channel connection should Icnea develop or what improvement should be worked on first.

Besides the main news mentioned above, Icnea also dedicated time going over recently introduced features such as the one that allows Spanish companies to manage electronic invoicing, and over other developments still in progress. Among the upcoming updates, it is worth to mention the new feature that will allow property managers to flag, from the PMS and directly to, whether a credit card is valid or not. Airbnb will also be enhanced allowing property managers to finally connect multi-units and synchronize multi-rates.

Next, our partners took the word to present themselves and their latest developments. spoke about the new extensions that are applying to their platform. They began with the dynamic ranking which is supposed to memorize user preferences, just like many other e-commerce webpages do. Secondly, they showed a new dedicated section to hosts to find out all that a host has to offer. Finally, they presented more advancements made in the connection with Icnea which will increase the number of actions, or information, that can be transmitted from the PMS directly to such as:

  • Flag no-shows
  • Connect multi-units
  • LOS Records (Length-of-stay) to send prices per occupancy

During all 5 meetings held, Icnea hosted also 3 different revenue partner companies: Abal Consulting, Rinovo and ValueGenSys. The three of them began by emphasizing the importance of revenue in management. They explained how the main objective is to sell the right product, at the right client, at the right price, at the right moment and through the right channel. Clients were visibly satisfied to receive tips on how to improve their business 360 degrees wise.

Once the event got close to the end, each meeting finished dedicating time to our clients to express any issue important to them. Ideas, suggestions, difficulties and possible solutions where discussed all together.

These days have been spectacular, altering from moments of concentration to moments of hilarity. We are very proud that each year Icnea needs to add more cities in the tour to reach a growing number of clients.

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