Icnea changes look

29 April 2019

Icnea changes look

Last week Icnea applied the new design of the PMS Channel Manager.

If you are using Icnea as PMS Channel Manager you surely noticed the new design that was put online last week. The style is in line with the rebranding in process, a change in the appearance that began to be necessary after some years.

Besides the design Icnea also improved its general usability, making it also more user friendly than ever, and added a very interesting mechanism for clients to post suggestions and vote for the existing ones. This system will allow Icnea to recognize what improvements are felt as more urgent to to work on them first.

The restyling is not yet completed though, during the summer the webpage will also be refreshed in its look and structure. There is always room for improvement and if substance is what matters, also appearance has its weight in the overall quality.

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