20 November 2019

How can we generate extra revenue?

Icnea wants to give some ideas on how to do some up-selling and cross-selling!

The up-selling and cross-selling concepts are pretty common and definitely useful techniques to increase business income. 'Up-selling' strategies are used to offer a product or service that is similar but more advanced and sophisticated. On the other hand, 'cross-selling' is used to offer a complementary service aside of the commercialized main product. For example, when a client reserves a standard room you could attempt an up-sell by offering the possibility to upgrade to a deluxe room (up-selling, similar product), next you could also offer a client to add half board for the entire stay (cross-selling, complementary product).

These strategies are very effective because they mainly increase the perceived value from the guest's point of view, generate a whole series of benefits and increase revenue for the business. The client's experience is surely enhanced surpassing his expectations, business image is boosted, trust is harvested and fidelization increases, a powerful mix of benefits that generally increases business appeal.

How can you apply these strategies with Icnea?

In this sense, a very powerful tool Icnea includes in its offer is the guest's portal. Thanks to this extranet property managers can introduce additional texts exclusively focused in selling additional services such as activities or services such as airport transfers, early check-in and late check-out, tickets, restaurant reservation service and much more.

Another option could be to combine Airbnb Experiences by including his links within the text contained in Icnea's guest portal! In addition these links could eventually be used also when sending any custom automatic email previously configured in our PMS.

Finally, up-selling and cross-selling are very powerful strategies that will improve business revenue and guest experience.

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