Which aspects are to keep in mind when communicating with the guest?

04 December 2019

Which aspects are to keep in mind when communicating with the guest?

Communication between the property and the guest is very important, an excellent communication between the two can improve quality perception and overall quality of the stay.

When communicating with a guest there are generally 4 moments where failure is not an option:

  1. After the reservation is done is important to thank the guest because this allows a first contact.
  2. Before checking in is essential to give important information (how to reach the property, check-in schedule and any other useful information)
  3. During the stay communication is very much be appreciated because the guest can collect valuable information regarding the city and the surroundings (where to eat, what to visit etc)
  4. After the stay is also a great moment to contact the guest and thank him for his stay

Also, when communicating with guests is important to be aware of the following aspects:

  1. Language of the client to know in which language to communicate
  2. Method of communication may vary depending on the client so it is good to chose the correct mean between SMS, What'sApp, through the channel's extranet, email etc.
  3. Length of stay since the information may vary depending on how long the guest will stay

Useless to say that communication must always be within the law in terms of data protection. This way, if a client booked through Booking.com for example, it must be kept in mind what information can be retrieved from the channel's Extranet to communicate with him directly.

The above is incredibly important and it becomes even more important for those companies who manage a large number of properties to make communication as smooth as possible. For this reason you can use the automatic emails within the PMS. This simple but powerful tool is very useful however it doesn't mean communication can be ignored because each client is different one from the other.

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