How to attract your audience with images?

02 March 2020

How to attract your audience with images?

The main objective of audiovisual communication is the transmission of a message through sounds and images, often supported by technology, to stimulate any sort of feedback by the user.

Studies demonstrate that the destinatary of the information separates his attention int he following way:
  • 10% reading
  • 20% hearing
  • 30% visualization
  • 40% combination of visualization and hearing

We can therefore synthesize some advantages and disadvantages:

Taking all the above in consideration, a professional video should hence present the following characteristics:

  1. An optimum audio quality so that the public doesn’t have to struggle to hear
  2. Propose steady visualization
  3. Avoid extending the video more than necessary
  4. Maintain a dynamic rhythm to avoid boring the audience

Aside from the content, if the editor follows these simple guidelines the video is usually a lot more effective.

This same article, without the visual support, would have been sensibly less attractive and incisive to the reader.


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