Email marketing strategies to increase your sales

16 June 2020

Email marketing strategies to increase your sales

Email marketing is a technique of direct marketing focused in promoting and strengthening brand visibility, increasing client fidelization and, most of all, generating more sales.

This strategy is essential also because it should generate more traffic to the company homepage thus increasing direct sales.

Within Icnea’s PMS Channel Manager you can find a tool to create and send newsletters specifically created for email marketing actions. Below are some suggestions to help you best focus on the key points of email marketing.

Call to Action (CTA) is a link, or button, within the email linked to a specific destination page containing information of interest so that a user can read it and eventually convert into a client.

How do create an effective CTA:

  • Insert only one CTA inside the email, one is enough
  • Try to use a verb as CTA
  • Seduce the user but without exaggerating to avoid having the opposite effect
  • Choose a good spot where to place the CTA within the email
  • The CTA, or the link, must be well integrated with the email

The subject of the newsletter is the first thing the user will ready when going through new emails received so it is absolutely essential that the message is brief and attractive.

How to write an attractive newsletter subject?

  • The subject must be concise and clear for it not be ignored
  • It has to transmit the reason of the communication to avoid creating excessive expectations
  • Use keywords

Include images in the newsletter because audiovisual elements generate a greater impact and maximize comprehension. It would be good to include images of the property or the service offered so that the potential client has a clear idea of what he could expect.

How do images have to be?

  • Use images with the highest quality possible
  • Avoid inserting key information in the images (watermarks etc)
  • The order and the design of the images have to integrate well with the rest of the newsletter
  • Try to associate images to the CTA

Link emails to a landing page, a web page specifically designed to convert visitors into leads (potential clients). This way when a user receives the newsletter and they are interested in the content they can be redirected to your website landing page and potentially convert it into a reservation.

Avoid using spam words because anti spam filters could classify and move your email directly into the spam folder. Some typical words are: free, present, best price, cheapest price, special promotion, discount, rebates, offer, click here, buy, only for, 50% less, why pay?, do it now, begin today, for a limited amount of time just to name a few.

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