How to create a welcome pack and how does it help?

29 July 2020

How to create a welcome pack and how does it help?

When a group of friends, a family or a couple reach their destination and get to the booked property these are often curious about what it will be there awaiting for them. They ask themselves how the room, or the house, is going to be, if the service will be good and if breakfast is going to be delicious. The first impression is extremely important but also provides a great opportunity to strengthen it.

One way to make the guests' first impression even more positive is to include a welcome pack to their stay that maybe combines both practical and emotional aspects. The more the pack will have more possibilities to have its effect if useful and pleasant to receive.

Below some ideas on how to create a welcome pack:

Articles for the stay

The basic welcome pack includes bathroom articles (shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, moisturizing cream, after sun cream etc) along with some little extras such as a bottle of water, jam for breakfast etc.

Personalized articles

Lately it is becoming more common to create personalized welcome packs depending on the typology of the client that is about to arrive. In case of vacation rental the welcome pack could be personalized depending on the location and the period of the year. For example, if a tourist reaches its destination during autumn you can offer him a cup of hot chocolate, tea or a glass of good red wine. If the weather forecast says it is going to rain you can also borrow them an umbrella for their stay.

Otherwise a welcome pack could also be personalized depending on the reason of the trip and the type of company. If we are waiting for a couple to arrive you could include a bottle of sparkling wine, bath oils and have them find a flower decoration in the bedroom. If, alternatively, we are expecting a family we could surprise them with a color book for the kids to enjoy.

The more personalized the welcome pack is the better because it will leave a more pleasant memory of the stay and the booked place.

Little snacks

Another classic is to have guests find a bottle of water, some dry fruits and cookies so that if they happen to arrive late they will find something to drink and eat to relax a bit.


Normally, if a tourist chooses that specific destination it is they feel a particular interest in it. In these cases you can surprise them with a little souvenir to bring back home once their journey comes to the end. A souvenir will surely strike the tourist and make them feel appreciated.

The most important thing, independently of what type of welcome pack you wish to offer, is that it gives a sensation of coziness and minimally abundant not to give the impression that it is just done to follow some protocol. If the welcome pack is not perceived positively it might just not produce no effect at all resulting in a waste of time and resources.

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