Why communicate with guests via chat?

31 August 2020

Why communicate with guests via chat?

Today most of the users finalize their reservations through a smartphone or tablet. 

Most of us are constantly next to their smartphones making us always available to exchange any type of information. In the meanwhile APPs continue their road to success as they make surfing the internet even easier and more effective, whether it concerns a purchase or a mere research. This has brought users to be increasingly familiar with tools such as instant messaging as it guarantees a fast and effective communication.

If we apply these considerations to the travelers we can recognize a strong relationship between user activity and the reservation rate. The more a user travels and the more they will use their smartphone to plan their trip as it gives the opportunity to satisfy their needs instantly, anytime and anywhere.

There are already many APPs to book stays, experiences or transports (ferries, flights, transfers, car rentals etc) at special rates available only on mobile devices. This shows how companies have embraced this tendency stimulating active users in order to reach a new niche and foster fidelization.

Furthermore, the above considerations put into evidence how the tendency to use smartphones to plan a trip continues to consolidate allowing companies to be present during all phases of the trip: from flight, accommodation and experience reservations all the way to researching where to eat, analyzing reviews, leaving reviews and tips for future travelers.

In conclusion, the expansion in the use of smartphones and their APPs dedicated to travel is supported by travelers themselves, which expressively desire to consolidate their entire travel experience through their devices. The tourism field already began to adapt to this new reality, property managers could use all this to their advantage by communicating with hosts via instant messaging as this method surely is faster and guarantees a higher rate of response compared to emails.

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