Electronic smart locks, smart solutions.

03 March 2021

Electronic smart locks, smart solutions.

We are excited to announce the end of the integration process for 3 different smart lock systems. These new integrations will generate electronic keys, or access codes, to send directly to the hosts. Thanks to these innovative systems the vacation rental check-in process becomes even more comfortable, flexible and efficient for both the property manager and the guest. Aside from their utility, considering the sanitary emergency we find ourselves in, smart locks guarantee the following of safety rules to prevent coronavirus contagion.

Let’s find out how each system works and what they can do:


Stay My Way

The integration is complete and bidirectional so all information will be synchronized and exchanged between the two platforms allowing the property manager to manage electronic keys directly from the PMS. With StayMyWay the tourist will be able to access their reserved property comfortably through the APP as long as the user is connected to WiFi or with their bluetooth on.

If you want to know more about it take a look at their website.


Compared to the other two available integrations, the AKILES system differentiates itself because it allows the property manager to use their own integrated WiFi which guarantees a good (and stable) connection between the various components. As the entire system is supported by its own network, property managers are independent from their WiFi to guarantee access to properties.

Also in this case the integration synchronizes and updates all reservation information in both platforms and the guest will need to have the APP downloaded in their smartphones.

Find out more about it here.


Among the 3 smart lock systems we integrated this is the one that most differentiates from the others at a functional and technical level. To use this system, the property manager must have a computer that operates as a server and always operative otherwise communication and access in general will be compromised.

Also, TESA doesn’t grant access through an APP but with a code so, in this case, once the tourist becomes aware of the code this is free from smartphones or WiFi connections to enter the property.
To have more information visit their website.

These 3 integrations that are now available offer a smart solution that, in one way or another, guarantee access to properties by sending keys directly to the tourist. This technology is demonstrating to be extremely useful because it limits displacements and optimizes check-in timings, allowing everyone to be more flexible and generally improving the check-in experience.


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