Why are free walking tours a great option to generate more income for owners and property managers?

10 March 2021

Why are free walking tours a great option to generate more income for owners and property managers?

An easy way to generate more income for each reservation is by selling additional services such as tours, activities or experiences. The king modality of the guided tours are the free walking tours, the most demanded tours by far, since they connect travellers in a couple of hours with the city they are visiting, and discover its history and its curiosities.

GuruWalk is the platform with the largest offer of free tours in the world, present in more than 100 countries and 700 destinations. This marketplace was born 4 years ago with the mission of creating a more empathetic society, facilitating access to knowledge through unique, quality and accessible multicultural experiences anywhere in the world, hand in hand with people with a love for culture and who they want to live off their passion.

Unlike other tour platforms, GuruWalk collaborates with different local providers in each destination, which is why its offer is so wide. The vast majority of users who see free tours on GuruWalk end up booking. In addition, by collaborating with thousands of local suppliers, they contribute great value and support to the tourism sector.

They collaborate with the owners and property managers so that they can offer a wide range of free tours to their guests and thus increase their income. In addition to offering the highest fixed commission in the sector, its portal for collaborators is very simple and intuitive, allowing in a very easy way to recommend their free tours through the reservation confirmation emails, in communications with guests, in the website or on social media.

The answers to the most frequently asked questions about their affiliate program can be found here.

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