Check-in and Check-out online

23 March 2021

Check-in and Check-out online

2020 definitely accelerated the consolidation of various tendencies born before the explosion of the worldwide sanitary emergency. We have familiarized so much with these tendencies that are now given for granted.

Some of these are smart working, time flexibility, online purchases and the use of technology to help us go through any sort of process. In the particular case of the tourism field we are witnessing the consolidation of the decentralization of the check-in and check-out processes.

Icnea is proud to present its brand new Guest WebApp, an innovative system designed to simplify all those tasks that property managers must comply with, and that guests must complete, such as guest registration, contract signature, payments, and much more!

The above screenshot shows the homepage tourists will see when they access the Guest WebApp, here they will find all the necessary information concerning their reservation and their stay. The WebApp includes booking information, booker’s details, online guest registration and a payment system. Within the WebApp guests will also find the business’s rental contract for them to review and sign electronically.

Further down, in the homepage, we also included a section where property managers can insert any information they retain to be important, or simply useful, hence anticipating many questions and thus reducing communication to its essential. This section may contain information for the guest to use and find out everything there is to know about the property, its surroundings and what the destination has to offer.

The WebApp also includes an integrated chatting system to allow a quick, easy and efficient communication between property managers and their guests.

How does our WebApp take the check-in process to a whole new level?

  • Guest registration - As soon as the reservation is made tourists will receive the link to access the WebApp and register themselves. Thanks to this feature property managers will have their police guest registration information ready to be sent.
  • Payments - As the WebApp includes payment information, being connected to the virtual POS, guests will be able to finalize due payments at any time using credit card, Paypal or the visible bank details to finalize the payment comfortably via bank transfer.
  • Contract - The contract will also be loaded for the guest to review and sign using a rubber pen.

By completing these three simple steps guests will be able to enter the booked property without having to go through reception. The check-out process is just as simple however the property manager will need to check the property for damages and process the security deposit refund.

Finally, to completely automate the entire check-in and check-out process property managers can make use of those smart lock systems Icnea is already integrated with. Thanks to this combination guests will not need to pick up any keys as they will be able to access the property independently via code or smartphone.

Icnea has the following smart lock systems integrated: Tesa, StayMyWay, Akiles, Salto and BTV.

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