App for owners and maintenance personnel

04 November 2021

App for owners and maintenance personnel

At the beginning of this year we launched our own apps dedicated to guests and reception personnel, if you lost the post you can find it here.

While today we announce the launch of two other apps! The first is dedicated to owners and their vacation homes, while the second is dedicated to maintenance personnel.


Owners app

This app guarantees each owner an easy and quick access to any information concerning their properties on short term vacation rentals.

Each owner can be configured differently just like it happens with their contracts, which can be different from owner to owner. Our PMS Channel Manager allows property managers to differentiate each owner so that each can consult exclusively the information that the property manager thinks is more appropriate.

Depending on their account configuration owners can consult, or even modify, some parameters of their properties. In other words, property managers can choose what information to share with the owner, for example they can decide to show only basic information without including the price of the stay or guest details. Also, they can decide which permissions to give to each owner, like the possibility to change their own availability or their own daily prices.

In the below screenshot we can see an example of the main screen the owner Julia would see, which presents:

  • Arrivals and departure in calendar view, with details within each reservation
  • Settlements
  • Invoices
  • Property statistics

Thanks to our app all information is always accessible anytime having an internet connection as the only requirement. Also, all information is always presented clearly and transparently, easy to read and even easier to use.

App for maintenance personnel

The second app we are presenting today is dedicated to maintenance personnel taking care of tourist apartments.

This presents pretty simple but effective features, designed to ease daily tasks. The main screen shows a list of all tasks assigned to that particular maintenance account. Within each task the app will show all inherent details inserted either by the central office, directly in the PMS Channel Manager, or by cleaning personnel with the aid of pictures and useful comments in resolving the problem.

Finally, the app also includes a calendar so that the person in charge knows if he has to work with an active reservation or if the property is currently empty.

Our dedicated app to maintenance results being very effective as the information is always available quickly, ideal for those who have to organize themselves in the most efficient way possible. The app is simple, practical and user friendly, all essential characteristics to complete any task.

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