How to fully exploit a package strategy?

14 December 2021

How to fully exploit a package strategy?

In our last article we presented some examples of how discount codes can be the ideal to create exclusive, personalized, offers directed to short term rental guests.

On the other hand, in this new article we will deal with a different approach which doesn’t rely on discounts but in adding products or services bound to an attractive price, in other words a package!

The system our PMS Channel Manager has to manage offers is very intuitive, mostly composed of a calendar to insert prices and an area to define restrictions that determine who can make use of the package and who can’t among the available properties. Naturally, the calendar allows price differentiation for it to be more sensible to seasonality. In any case, aside from the structural configuration, our system includes two editors to respectively present the package to attract attention and explain what it includes more in detail.

Once the package is configured it can be immediately published on the website. Potential guests, if within the configured restrictions, can therefore choose whether to purchase a classic stay or a package. This additional option allows property managers to go beyond discount codes and fidelization of past guests to use packages and create new clients.

Next, besides creating and proposing the packages in the website these need to be advertised over social media to reach a wider audience and explain the characteristics of the package. Publication in social media will allow property managers to present the package also to those potential clients that haven’t visited the website yet.

Differently from discount codes, packages cannot be too exclusive as these are published in the website. In other words anyone who enters the website will visualize the package making it more adaptable to a wider, undiscriminated audience, potentially richer in new clients.

In the next article we will present how our PMS Channel Manager can help to massively spread any package or discount.


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