How to best advertise offers?

28 December 2021

How to best advertise offers?

In our last article we discussed the importance of using discounts to attract new potential clients, the types of discounts that can be applied based on the situation, and finally proposed some target examples. Icnea’s PMS Channel Manager includes two discount tools: discount codes, which are discounts that apply automatically after inserting the code during the reservation process (click here to read the dedicated article), and promotional packages, a combination of products and services offered at a price considered to be attractive by potential clients (click here to read the dedicated article). Both options have their own way to present themselves to the demand.

On the other hand, in this article we will present a valid method to communicate at a massive level regardless of the content being promotional or not. Icnea’s property managers have the newsletters system with a dedicated editor, ideal if you want to communicate with a vast audience that forms part of a specific target. Normally newsletters are used to communicate news and updates, or anything that is retained to be important, but these can also be used to spread promotions.

How can we create a group?

Our CRM system allows the user to create email groups based on specific characteristics in order to target more precisely a more or less vast audience the property manager is looking to communicate with.

There are various filters available to create a group:

Reservation filters
Stay period
Number of nights
Number of guests
Source of the reservation
Reason for the trip
Origin of the research
Language of the guest

Property filters

An example of a target group could be “family stay at the beach”, and in this case we could apply the following filters:

  • number of guests - for example set from 4 to 10
  • Reason for the trip - “family trip”
  • Origin of the research - “all”
  • Property - filter specific properties using its below dedicated filters
  • City - all apartments in a city located on the coast
  • Zone - All neighbors nearby the beach
  • Typology - apartment, villa, etc

As we filter, groups are actually being created and the communication will therefore only reach those email addresses that satisfy those requirements that we believe to be in common to a specific target.

As mentioned, newsletters can contain information to present news and updates, or promotions. In case the objective is to propose a discount code, this can be inserted in the body and made particularly visible along with all the requirements that need to be satisfied in order for it to be valid and applied. On the other hand, if its purpose is to propose a promotional package the body could include more details about the package itself. In both cases filters are used to determine who will receive the communication resulting in being more effective and maximizing market response.

In conclusion, the CRM has the objective to aid property managers when they want to spread information at a massive level in the most efficient way.

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