New integration with Omnitec

19 January 2022

New integration with Omnitec

We are excited to announce the end of the integration with our new partner Omnitec.

Icnea’s philosophy follows the principle of digital transformation which manifests through the integration of new tools that guarantee the optimization of as many daily processes as possible.

The advantages of using an electronic door system such as Omnitec allow property managers to simplify and ease guest’s entrance into the property. Guests can therefore access the property without having to present themselves physically to any reception.

Omnitec proposes various solutions depending on the field its customer operates, in case of short term rentals their system includes the following features:

  • Dispatch electronic keys via APP.

  • Door lock with numeric keypad without having to use any APP.

  • Remote management in real time.

  • Access code management.

  • Access register for each lock and user.

  • Alert and notifications in real time.

To begin working with Omnitec it is necessary to create an account and then subscribe to the service, next the property manager must contact our customer care department at


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