22 March 2023

New integration with LUGGit

On this occasion, we bring you a new integration that will help you solve the luggage problem and improve your guests' experience even more.

We introduce you our neu partner, LUGGit - a luggage collection, storage and delivery service wherever and whenever your guests want it.

What is LuGGit?

Often, guests arrive before check-in or have free time after check-out and ask you for a solution that allows them to enjoy their experience in the city 100% while not having to worry about carrying their luggage - that is precisely what LUGGit does. LUGGit collects, stores and delivers travellers' luggage wherever and whenever they want it.
Unlike conventional luggage storage or luggage lockers, where travellers must go to a specific location to drop off and collect their bags, LUGGit meets the travellers at the time and place of their choice.
For example, LUGGit can pick up the traveller's luggage at your accommodation at check-out time and deliver it to the airport before flight time.

How you can integrate LuGGit?

Offering LUGGit to your guests is completely free, and the integration with Icnea is very easy:

1.LUGGit will give you a detailed demo.
2.They will create a customised landing page with your logo in 2 business days, which you can integrate into your automatic emails and your Icnea website.
3.From then on, thanks to you, your guests will be able to book LUGGit with a discount.
4.And you will earn a commission for each booking.

Most importantly, you will end luggage management problems by adding value with a service that has an average of 4,9 stars on Trustpilot.

For more information, check out the presentation about LUGGit, which shows its trajectory and the property managers it has already been working with in Barcelona.

Request a meeting with LUGGit here.

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