What's new in Icnea's PMS - March 2023

29 March 2023

What's new in Icnea's PMS - March 2023

Icnea’s software still adding new features and functions while improving to make your experience with our PMS and Channel Manager simple and complete. In this blog post, we will check out the latest news and features added to the tool:

In and out monthly list

Now is possible to create in and out lists for each month. Until now, it was only possible to visualize the daily and weekly list.

Web property display

It is possible to choose which properties have to be displayed on the website and the ones that haven’t. To set this option, is necessary to access the Management section and then choose Register and Descriptions. Inside each property, you can choose if it is displayed or not.

Automatic cleaning management

The feature to automatically create cleanings for exit, entrance or both is now available in the Cleaning section of each of your properties. To do it, you have to access the Management section, then Registration and Descriptions, select the property where you want to apply the change and select the Booking tab. There you will see that the Cleaning drop-down menu in Charges section include the new options.

Check-in, check-out and cleaning costs

In the Booking tab for each property it is now possible to see a new cost section where you can add the time and cost for the company of check-in, check-out and cleaning services. When the information has been added, you can see a summary of time and cost of these services from the Administration panel.

Changes in preventive blocking function

The option to create specific preventive blocking the night before and the night after a booking for each property is now available. This option only allowed to apply preventive blocking to the whole account, now it will be possible to apply to each property independently. To do it, you must enter the Management section, then select the Registration and Descriptions tab and choose the property where you want to apply the new setting of preventive blocking using the drop-down menu in its section.

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