05 April 2023

New integration with Property Care

New integration finished! Icnea’s software is now compatible with Property Care.

What is Property Care?

We introduce you Property Care, a platform to take care of your properties allowing to schedule and manage cleaning and maintenance services in your accommodations. With this solution is possible to assign these tasks depending on bookings received and make sure that any place is always ready for the next guest. As property managers you will have a calendar to schedule and assign tasks, employees, will have a webapp to notice their arrival and the end of the assigned tasks.

Property Care focuses on process automation and time save, that’s why their tool allow to establish rotative cycles of cleaning and maintenance tasks with fixed employees regardless it’s complexity. Besides, you can establish routines with periodical tasks including it’s guides and descriptions to achieve a more efficient management.
As property manager you will get all the info in real time in your dashboard about pending tasks, the ones that had been done, cleaning and maintenance costs, see the registry of incidences noticed, modify schedules and more.

Which are the main features of Property Care?

A unique calendar: to access every property, their bookings, and scheduled tasks at a glance.

Cleanings and maintenance in autopilot: schedule rotations and assign employees only one time to activate an automatic maintenance routine.

Drag&Drop assignment: asign your employees daily or weekly to their tasks with a simple clic.

Information in real time: with the webapp, cleaning and maintenance teams know which are the tasks to do in each location and they can update their progress in real time.

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