09 May 2023

How to improve the guest experience?

Vacation rental sector is becoming a highly competitive environment with a constantly growing offer that only in Spain, is more than 30% of available accommodations for travelers. In this environment is very important to know how to adapt the processes and services offered in vacation rentals to start building a loyalty relationship with costumers. Vacation rental is not only competing with other accommodations, but with traditional hotels, that usually can offer services and facilities that are not available in vacation rentals.

There is where the concept of guest experience comes into play, an element that allows us to be competitive with the rest of the offer. If you manage to work about it properly, it will become essential to achieve customer’s loyalty and for him to repeat with our accommodations again. This positive experience is basic in any commercial activity, but in vacation rentals, interaction with the guest to make him feel valued is the first step towards business growing and get the desired recommendations to highlight among the other options available for travellers.

Choose online check-in

Check-in must be a simple process, solved in a few steps. Travellers don’t want to waste their time filling documents at their arrival and will be more willing to book an accommodation that guarantees that he will be able to do all the arrangements online before arrival.

At Icnea we know about the importance of the agility for customers, so our software offers a compete guest app to manage all arrangements before starting their trip, at home and with no hurries. Besides, information of the booking will be at their hand in every moment such as tourism information, accommodation rules, payment status, etc…

Offer a custom experience

Knowing your guests is the first step towards a satisfactory experience starting before the arrival. Being aware of their visit reasons, places where they are interested in or even their favourite hobbies or food shouldn’t have to be perceived as an intrusion, but an opportunity to customize or improve the experience. Even the type of people who’s coming to yout accommodation can help you to think about that customization. Is a couple with children? An elderly couple? A group of friends? Knowing all the details allows you to elaborate customized recommendations to your guests. At Icnea we give you through our software an Experience tool to create your own activities or partner with local services to offer experiences and bookings from your own website.

Be careful with accommodation’s cleaning and maintenance before arrival

Guests use to value a lot the cleaning and good maintenance of the place where they will be staying and that is very influential in their final feedback or reviews to other customers. That’s why it becomes essential to have a cleaning service and carry out periodical checkings of the equipment after a guest leaves and before the arrival of the next one and ensure that everything works fine. From Icnea’s software is possible to setup different webapps for external cleaning and maintenance users where you can have absolute control of daily cleaning calendars and manage a list of maintenance tasks with updates about its status.

Maintain the communication with your guests before, during and after their visit

Your guest mustn’t feel abandoned in any moment of their booking. That’s an essential point for them to get a good impression of our business and their review will be more positive. Before their arrival we have to offer all relevant information of their booking, reminders and pending payments. Once the guest arrives to our accommodation we should pay attention and ask them if everything works fine, and if there is any unexpected trouble, solve it as soon as possible. When guests leave we should ask for their feedback about the experience with us and don’t be afraid of asking for a positive review. Even we can consider offering discounts for future bookings. All these options are available at Icnea’s PMS with automatic email system to deliver marketing campaigns, reminders, newsletters, special discounts and more.

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