31 October 2023

New integration with Minut

It’s time to announce a new integration for Icnea’s software. Minut joins our team!

What is Minut?

Minut is the first all-in-one sensor that monitors excessive noises, occupation level of the accommodation, cigarette smoke, movement, temperature and humidity. Always respecting guest’s privacy with no need of recording any image or sound. Through the booking information of Icnea’s software, Minut can get in touch with guests to warn about any anomaly detected, so the owner doesn’t have to be aware of possible incidents anymore. Besides, Minut’s sensor set up is very easy and doesn’t require technical knowledge or tools, and its battery is ready to work wirelessly for a whole year.

How does Minut help hosts?

When an incident is detected, Minut get in touch with the guest immediately on behalf of the host to give him a first warn, sending a direct message to his/her phone. This communication can be easily customized using Minut’s app or simply use the carefully crafted prompts they provide to property managers. With this simple feature, the host doesn’t have to worry anymore to contact manually their guests neither for causing trouble to the neighbors.

In addition to these automatic real-time warnings, Minut offers to vacation rental owners and managers their service Call Assist, a team trained to intercede on behalf of the owner in case the guest doesn’t solve the incident after the first warning message. This service is available worldwide 24/7 to solve any incident regardless of the time and the owner receive a detailed report once the problem is solved.

Improve your guest’s experience with Minut

Minut can help hosts improve their guest comfort and experience with some features specifically designed for it. Amongst them, Minut offers a motion sensor to verify that every guest is properly registered, temperature and humidity analysis to prevent the appearance of mold in the walls and other damage and night light to avoid accidents at night.

At accommodation’s safety service

Minut also offers some features designed to improve accommodation’s safety. The owner can set up the device in alarm mode to make a sound and notify him immediately if some movement is detected and there are no guests staying. Besides, Minut can be synchronized with conventional anti-theft and fire alarm systems and detects any intrusion through window or door breaking.

From Icnea, we invite you you to integrate Minut from you user account and discover everything that their device can offer you in a demo.

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