Icnea integrates the new tool Abal MyReports

24 January 2024

Icnea integrates the new tool Abal MyReports

At Icnea we are pleased to announce the integration of our PMS with Abal MyReports. One more step in our continued collaboration with Abal Consulting that will benefit all our customers by providing them with a powerful Business Intelligence tool. With this agreement, Icnea becomes the first PMS software to include Abal My Reports natively, without the need for additional configuration by the user.

This integration and collaboration with ABAL Consulting shows our firm commitment to the economic sustainability of all our customers:
  • Facilitating the analysis of the data to improve their interpretation.
  • Increasing efficiency, identifying opportunities, anticipating risks and improving guest satisfaction
  • Transforming data into strategic decisions that will improve your business performance.

What is Abal MyReports?

Abal My Reports is a Business Intelligence tool integrated directly into the PMS so that the user has access to all its functionalities in a single click. This new feature for our software will allow the user to simplify and automate the collection of business data, allowing more accurate decision making based on data and statistics provided in real time.

Abal My Reports collects, classifies, organises and presents business data in a simple and visual way to guide or correct decisions and objectives based on business goals. Furthermore, for ease of use, the tool is accessible from any device and fully customisable. In this way, the user can create graphs, dashboards and tables with the most relevant data for their business or those they need to have under control at any time, combining data from internal and external sources in the same place.

What do I get for being an Icnea customer?

All Icnea's customers have access to all the trends and real-time data on the market in their area or city to help them in their decision making, completely free of charge. The Market Insights module of Abal MyReports, accessible from the Business tab in our PMS, allows you to visualise the main KPI's for an owner or manager, but scaled to a geographical area of interest. This addition is essential to understand the pace of competitors and trends in a given area.

What are the different versions of Abal MyReports?

Abal MyReports offers different modalities so that users can choose the most convenient for their business:

Free version

- Market Insights: Dashboard of all the regions in which the client is present with aggregated data.

Paid version

- Market insights included in the free version.

- Access to customer data in Icnea: data from Icnea's online bookings and reviews for each of your properties. This includes:

  • KPI's per property: occupancy, revenue, average price, RepVAR.
  • Booking Window: measure how far in advance your bookings are.
  • Channel Insights: performance by sales channel.
  • Comparative summaries by date or period.
  • Booker insights: get to know your customers better with data such as country of arrival, average stay, average number of occupants...
  • Brand reputation: analyse customer reviews to make decisions based on their opinion.

- Possibility of contracting additional modules with market data and online reviews (with supplement).

Additional modules at extra cost

The following additional modules are available at extra cost for users who opt for the paid option

- Reviews of all OTAs.

- Market Data: price fluctuations of competitors and occupancy in the area.

- Regional comparisons: Comparative price + occupancy data of competitors and your region.

- Web analytics, via the client's website.

Don't wait any longer and start taking advance of your business data right now with Abal My Reports!

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