10 April 2024

New integration with Vikey

At Icnea we continue to add new integrations to our software and today, we present a new partner that offers smart management for vacation rentals with, Self Check-in and Home Automation solutions: ¡Vikey!

Vikey offers a solution based on two elements: the Vikey4 device, connected directly to the accommodation intercom to open remotely the main door of the building and the Vikey Smart Lock with three different models for the apartment door. Both devices are controlled using the host’s smartphone allowing the door to be opened on arrival.

To install Vikey’s devices is not necessary to have permission of the community, that’s because Vikey4 is connected directly to the apartment intercom and Vickey Smart Locks are installed directly on the door.

Which are the main features of Vikey?

Self Check-in: With this feature, guests can access the accommodation using their smartphone and the Vikey app. In addition, hosts can also open the door remotely, even if they aren’t there when guests arrive. Vikey offers multiple solutions to avoid traditional keys such as opening through their app, numerical code, RFID card and SMS.

Virtual concierge: Vikey allows you to increase your revenue by offering your guests unique experiences and exclusive services through the virtual concierge feature in their app. This can include a breakfast service, shuttle and transport, museum tickets, guided tours and more. Besides, the virtual concierge also improves the communication between owners and hosts, allowing them to share important information such as accommodation rules, contact phone numbers, Wi-Fi passwords, etc.

Home Automation solutions: hosts can reduce their energy consumption with Vikey’s control devices. This includes 12 different sensors for motion, door/window opening, water leaks and more. These devices are respectful with guests and send instant notifications to the host when something is out of the established parameters.

Why choose Vikey?

  • Link and opening code that change with each booking.
  • Online payment for guests such as tourist tax.
  • Unique app for Self Check-in, and Home Automation.
  • Virtual concierge for guests 27/7.
  • Fully remote management for vacation rentals

For any doubt or more information you can contact Vikey using their contact form.

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