31 May 2024

New integration with Upmarket

We are pleased to announce a new integration that will help our managers to streamline and improve their interactions with guests. We introduce UpMarket!

UpMarket is an advanced AI-driven platform that automates guest communications across multiple channels like WhatsApp and SMS, offers a 24/7 Virtual Concierge to assist guests in real-time, and integrates seamlessly with our PMS to streamline operations. UpMarket is specifically designed for vacation rentals and helps property managers save time, enhance guest satisfaction, and increase revenue by offering instant personalized guest service and automatic upsell opportunities.

What products does UpMarket offer?

Virtual Concierge: 24/7 personalised responses to your guest

With UpMarket, host can provide their guests with a Virtual Concierge service at their disposal 24/7 to answer their questions and doubts about their accommodation, make recommendations and provide destination information. Using advanced AI, the Virtual Concierge adapts to their preferences and provides high quality responses through their preferred channel such as Whatsapp, SMS, Telegram, WeChat or in-app messaging. In addition, the service is provided in 50+ languages, enabling an easy and instant communication.

For property managers, the Virtual Concierge significantly reduces the time spent on repetitive guest inquiries and interactions by up to 80%. This allows managers to focus on higher-value tasks that improve operational efficiency and guest satisfaction.Onboarding is quick and easy and can be done in less than 30 minutes. The Virtual Concierge can be customised to reflect the brand, adapt to the specific needs of the accommodation and learn about the services available. It also escalates problem to the propery owner and analyses the interactions with the guest to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of future responses.

The integration with Icnea allows the Virtual Concierge to receive the booking information before the guest arrives, as well as the property information. This helps in training the AI to answer depending on the characteristics of the accommodation and the guest, in order to create a personal communication from the start of the guest journey.

Guest App: Simplify guest management and increase stasifaction

UpMarket’s Guest App complements the Virtual Concierge by centralizing all essential information for your guests. Through the app, guests can easily access and manage their bookings, choose additional services, complete payments, access a guest guidebook and upload required documents prior to arrival. Hosts can use the app to inform guests of any booking changes, make personalized offers, and provide detailed property information and additional services.

Thanks to the integration with Icnea, UpMarket’s Guest App receives real-time booking information via PMS data to update the information with any changes registered in the system. To assist the guest, the app is linked to the Virtual Concierge to guide the guest through procedures such as payments and document uploads.

UpSells: Improve your guest experience and increase your income

UpMarket’s Upselling feature empowers property managers to increase revenue by intelligently offering additional experiences and services to guests. In house, third party or affiliate services can be easily offered through the guest app and the virtual concierge,, allowing for personalized and timely offers. Each of these UpSelling options can be customised with descriptions, prices, and payment methods. In addition, the Virtual Concierge analyses booking data such as guest preferences, number of guests and length of stay to provide accurate suggestions.

DirectBook Chatbot: increase direct bookings on your website

UpMarket’s DirectBook chatbot is a powerful tool that lives directly on your property’s website as an easy-to-implement widget. It provides real-time, automated communication with potential guests, complementing traditional email interactions and ensuring personalized engagement during the booking process.

The chatbot answers queries instantly, helping guests with booking details, availability, and more. By providing instant responses to inquiries about availability, rates, and property details, DirectBook encourages potential guests to book directly through your website, improving direct booking conversion by up to 20%!

Thanks to the integration with Icnea, UpMarket’s service will receive information about availability, rates and property information that will allow it to provide instant, helpful answers to guest questions and help them in making a direct booking.

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From Icnea we encourage you to try UpMarket to boost your business with the power of AI! You can try the Virtual Concierge on Whatsapp through this link or learn more about the special offer to Icnea’s customers at this link.

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